My Work

Various projects I have completed that feature my creativity and skills.
Here I showcase live sites, design mockups, coding projects, and my creative view to towards web design.

Picture of Calvary's website

Jalisco Fresh

The client needed a site conversion that would feature online ordering capabilities. The result? I fully responsive site optimized for mobile ordering. Upon visiting the site, you will find a unique expression of the client's vision. Users may quickly browse the dropdown menu and immediately jump to their desired product for a mobile order. This has allowed Jalisco Fresh to see an increase in sales and brand awareness.

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Logo for FHG Photography

FHG Photography

For His Glory Photography is an independent photography studio based in Glennville, GA. The client was looking for a minimalistic, yet content-driven design for their website. Together, we were able to achieve the unique artistic vision for a digital portfolio that the amazing team at FHG desired. Since launch, their website has drawn new visitors to their newsletter, advertised upcoming events, and showcases their awesome talent.

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Picture of Calvary's website

Calvary Baptist

The client needed a modern, responsive website to provide information about their ministry, contact information, and a way for users to find their media platforms. Google Analytics showed an immediate increase in viewership and longer view times per user. The client noted that visitors complimented the ease of navigation and quality user experience.

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Coding Projects

Car Shopping Website

This guided project utilizes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a responsive, cutting edge website. It includes the use of SwiperJS, iframes, Google font imports, and user forms.

The project demonstrates a commercial car shop with multiple locations and services. Users can interact with a dynamic menu to browse vehicles, and can fill out a login form to access their account.

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Screenshot of car website project

Multiplication Practice Web App

This project utilizes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a functional, game-like web application. Users are given a multiplication problem to solve, and encouraged to submit their answer for a score. If the answer is correct, the user gets a point. If the answer is incorrect, the user loses a point.

The project demonstrates an aesthetically pleasing user interface with the ability to keep score.

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Screenshot of the multiplication practice app display.

Design Mockups

Mockup of an e-commerce site.
An Adobe XD mockup for a design challenge. The category was an e-commerce landing page of a camera company.
I utilized a Hero format with a Call To Action highlighting a new product available for pre-order sales. It also features a featured product section on the bottom.
Mockup for client project

An Adobe XD mockup for a client that features an eye catching Hero section with an alluring Call To Action, and a button leading to their menu for online ordering. After the Hero section I included minimalistic and modern icons and photos to highlight Jalisco Fresh in a unique way, guaranteed to attract more customers. An alternate design was ultimately chosen for the end product, which can be viewed on the live site.

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